Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
DISTRICT 3 Rainbow


Active Retired Membership (ARM) in OSSTF offers retired members of OSSTF an opportunity for continuing involvement with the educational community at both the local and provincial level. Local chapters of ARM have been or are being organized to provide members with opportunities to gather for social events and/or political action activities. The experience, skills and abilities of retired members are valuable resources that should be utilized to further goals in areas such as political action, legislative lobbying, crisis assistance, research, communications and public relations.

ARM was formed in 1998 by retired OSSTF members who wanted to stay connected with public education, their colleagues and their union. There are fewer than 4000 members of ARM including more than 2100 belonging to the “active” chapters. We were the 9th chapter. Waterloo started up last Fall and a combination chapter of Durham and York are starting in June. Currently, we in D3 have approximately 68 members.

Click here to visit the District 3 Arm Facebook page (@armosstfd3).