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Educators Financial: New Panel Webinar Series

Educators Financial: New Panel Webinar Series


Message from our Partners at Educators Financial Group

This fall we will present special new panel discussions on a variety of topics. October’s feature is a forum for valuable financial advice (i.e., budgeting, options for surplus or shortfall, and hesitant homebuyer solutions). November is Financial Literacy Month! Each week, there will be a panel discussion with topics including: Borrowing Trends, Investing Basics, Investing 2.0, RRSP vs TFSA, and Women and Financial Security.  You can register directly on our site: https://educatorsfinancialgroup.ca/webinars/.

Taking AB/ABQs this school year?
As a member, if you are taking AB, or ABQ courses this winter, reach out to your district leaders for more information on a chance to win a $250 bursary!

This is a great time to seek advice for your financial questions!
This fall meet with an advisor to experience real value. We would be happy to book a virtual meeting for you to evaluate your financial goals and investments. Financial consultations are complimentary for all members!
I wish you a happy and safe school year and thank you for everything that you continue to do for our children and our communities.

Kind Regards,

Robert Johnston,  CFP®,  RRC, BA Econ    
Certified Financial Planner Professional

Educators Financial Group
2225 Sheppard Ave. East, Suite 1105
Toronto, Ontario, M2J 5C2
705-331-7223  or 1-800-263-9541 ext 3577