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50-Day re-employment rule increased to 95 days for some OTPP retirees until June 30, 2022

50-Day re-employment rule increased to 95 days for some OTPP retirees until June 30, 2022
This fall, the Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF) has had discussions with the Ministry of Education to discuss the potential shortage of teachers, principals and vice principals in Ontario’s publicly funded school system.

OTF and the Ontario Government, as co-sponsors of the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP), have agreed to temporarily increase the 50-day re-employment rule to 95 days for teachers, principals, and vice principals in the publicly funded school system until June 30, 2022.

As part of this agreement, school boards will be required to report retiree re-employment data on a monthly basis to OTF and the Ministry. Only retirees who will be filling teacher, principal, and vice principal roles in the publicly funded school system are eligible for the increase to 95 days for positions that cannot otherwise be filled by qualified members.

While OTF does not expect that many retirees are interested in working in the current environment, this change may extend the number of days that some retirees choose to work. OTF does believe that, if more robust health and safety measures such as class size reductions, appropriate social distancing, use of medical grade masks and adequate ventilation etc. were implemented in our schools, it would not only help protect against potential teacher absences due to illness, but it would also encourage more occasional teachers to make themselves available to the publicly funded school system.

It should be noted that retirees may already work beyond 50 days with or without impacting their pension. A retiree may work until the end of the month in which they exceed their 50-day limit, potentially adding up to 20 more days of employment. Additionally, retirees may choose to suspend their pension after exceeding their 50-day limit and work as many days as they wish. A suspended pension resumes the first month with no re-employment service or the September 1 following the suspension, whichever is earlier.

While employers will continue to report all retiree reemployment service to OTPP, retirees are required to
track days and contact OTPP if they plan to work after the month in which they exceed the re-employment limit.

Retirees should always contact OTPP before beginning work after retirement if they are unsure whether reemployment rules apply to their situation.

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