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Member Wellness

Education work can be stressful. Increasing workloads, greater demands from students and families for ever more diverse services, and the intricacies of our own personal lives can take a toll on anyone working in education. As an OSSTF/FEESO member, you have access to a wide range of services. They span the personal, professional and protective needs of all members. This section of the website includes information and links for you, our members.

Services for Struggling Members

Many OSSTF members are unaware of the services available to them through their membership in the federation. The attached document provides a summary of these resources, services, and benefits.

Rainbow District School Board Employee Assistance Program (EAP):
Life Works
www.LifeWorks.com User ID: rainbowdsb Password: eap 1-877-207-8833
This service is available to permanent employees only.

Posaction® Plus assistance service offers you professional support by guiding you through a problem-solving process. This service is provided free to all OSSTF members of the OTIP LTD plan. Call 1-800-668-0193. Account #48028-902.

Services for Struggling Members

What to do if you are injured in the workplace

Schools are not as dangerous as some workplaces, but there are times when we may be injured on the job. You slip on the ice in the school parking lot. You trip and fall over an unsecured extension cord. Then what? The attached document provides an overview of the accident reporting process including submission of a Workers Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) claim.

Injury Infographic
What to do if you are injured in the workplace

Documenting Incidents

With an increase in discipline issues regarding students in all schools, we are asking all members to not only report those issues but also to share with the District Office a PDF copy of the filed report. In order to bring about change, we need to have this evidence to present. We recognize that this can be seen as extra work, but this is the best process that will bring these issues to light.

OSSTF District 3 Reference - Incident Reporting