Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation


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Annual General Meeting

Details for the 2021 Annual General Meeting:

DATE: Wednesday, May 5, 2021

TIME: 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

PLACE: Zoom Meeting – Link to follow

AGENDA: Emailed to delegates and posted here

We will be holding elections for District President and District Treasurer at this AGM. Candidates for President will have up to 5 minutes for their speeches; candidates for Treasurer will have 3 minutes. Ballots will be emailed to voting delegates following the speeches. 

Voting Members Present:
Eric Laberge – District & T/OTBU President Linda Ecclestone – ESSU President
Todd Sintic – District Vice-President (Lasalle) Bobbi-Lyn Carriere - ESSU
Katrina Ross – District Treasurer (Cecil Facer) Stephanie Crowder - ESSU
Shawn Piette – District Secretary (Lo-Ellen Park) Stephanie Daoust - ESSU
Sarah Cormier – Barrydowne College Pauline Gordon - ESSU
Ian Gray – Cecil Facer Tracey Brown – PSSP
Glenn Murray – CVDCS Leona Gervais – SSSC President
Remi Levasseur, Dave Martin – Confederation SS Cindy Komarechka – OTBU
Jill Beer, Beth Lacasse - Espanola
Steve Marko – Gord Ewin Centre
Paul Bellmore, Heather Boychuk, Megan Chute, Kyle Craftchick – Lasalle SS
Sean Gray – Lively DSS
Kerry Abols – Lockerby CS
Harley Laalo, Dave Rautiainen – Lo-Ellen Park SS
Irving Noble, Mike Zegil – Manitoulin SS
Craig Johnstone, Braden MacKinnon, Scott McCracken – Sudbury Secondary

Non-Voting Members Present:
Sue Melville – District Officer
Sherri Winsa – Chair, Status of Women Committee

Chair: Ellen Hinan, OSSTF External Speakers’ Bureau
Guests: Malini Leahy – Provincial Executive Liaison
Rosemary Judd-Archer – Provincial Executive Assistant