Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
DISTRICT 3 Rainbow


Application for PD Funding

The primary purpose of the Educational Services budget is to assist our members attending Professional Development activities. These funds are paid out only after the PD activity has been attended, the form below is completely filled out including the signature of the in-school Educational Services Committee member, and a photocopy of the Registration paid is attached.

Ed Services Application for PD Funds_2018-2019

Benevolent Council

Benevolent Council fills a very important role in the Federation and meets at the call of the Chairperson to provide grants to active members who demonstrate extreme financial need due to prolonged illness, accident or emergency. Council may also recommend other ways and means to assist members in distress.

If your situation applies, use the application form below to apply for Benevolent Council assistance.

Benevolent Council Application Form, 2018-2019


Mileage Claim Form

If you need to claim mileage for union business, such as attending district or bargaining unit meetings, download the mileage claim form below and submit it to the district office when completed. The form can be completed electronically or be printed and completed by hand.

D3 Mileage Claim Form

Remedy Day Request Form

As per the Contract Extension and Bill 115 Remedy Agreement, teachers have access to one (1) additional paid day off during the 2017-2018 or 2018-2019 school years. The form used to request this day off is attached below and can be accessed through the First Class Conferences folder.

HR-25 - Remedy Day Request Form

Health & Safety Forms

This section contains several files that the OSSTF Health & Safety Committee wishes for you keep handy and use when situations arise.


Abilities Form (Return to Work Form)

If you take a medical leave and the RDSB requests medical information, you must fill out the abilities form found below when you are ready to return to work. Instructions on how to fill out the form are also below.

Appendix B - Abilities Form
Abilities Form - Instructions

Accident Report

This MUST be filled out for any accident/incident where there is an injury (even bruising), while you are carrying out your duties, on or off school property (that includes on field trips). Failure to do so means fines against the school. This report can be completed using the online incident reporting system linked below.

HR-03 - Accident Reporting Procedures
Online Incident Reporting System

Health & Safety Report

Although, we try to take care of issues when they arise, sometimes they are not taken care of in a timely manner. If the issue is a major concern and is not being addressed, please fill out this form. This form can also be accessed through the First Class Conferences folder.

FAC-02 - Health & Safety Report

Safe Schools

This form is for specific behavioural incidents involving students. Please refer to the Keep our Kids Safe at School document. This report can be completed using the online incident reporting system linked below.

Keeping Our Kids Safe at School
Online Incident Reporting System

Workplace Violence:

This form is for ANY physical altercation or verbal abuse towards you by students, other staff, parents, or anybody from the general public. This report can be completed using the online incident reporting system linked below.

Online Incident Reporting System
Workplace violence in school boards: A guide to the law